Ever Thought Why Is Honeymoon Called HONEYMOON?

Why Is Honeymoon Called Honeymoon?

I am not sure if everybody has that doubt or it is just me. But this made me a bit curious as to why honeymoon is called honeymoon!

Is it the sweetest thing which happens post marriage and that is why it is named so?

Well no, there is another story behind why this word came in and how!

Facts about the honeymoon and how this word was invented: –

  • The honeymoon was the month after a wedding when the bride’s father would give the groom all the meat he wanted.
  • While the Babylonian calendar was a lunar calendar, Mead is a month of beer.
  • The Babylonians called the month, the “honey month”.  Eventually, we now call it a “honeymoon”. So maybe that’s the slightest change which was done by us only!
  • The Scandinavian word for a honeymoon is derived, in part, from an ancient Northern European custom.  According to the custom, newlyweds, for the first month of their married life, drank a daily cup of honeyed wine called “mead”.

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  • The ancient practices of kidnappings of the bride and drinking the honey mead wine was recorded. It dates back to the history of Atilla, King of the Asiatic Huns from A.D. 433 to A.D. 453.
  • One piece of folklore relates that the origin of the word ‘moon’ comes from a cynical inference. However, it has no evidence of being 100% true.
  • To the Northern Europeans, the term honeymoon referred to the body’s monthly cycle. Its combination with honey suggested that not all moons of married life were as sweet as the first. British prose writers and poets, in the 16th and 17th centuries, often made use of the Nordic interpretation of honeymoon as a waxing and waning of marital affection.
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So, why is honeymoon called honeymoon? There are many other stories without any such pieces of evidence. But any which ways, getting married is sweet and beautiful like the moon!

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