What’s The Problem With Wearing A Bikini?

A very significant part of today’s fashion world, the bikini had been a magnificent creation by a French designer Louis Reard in 1946. Bikini is that outfit which was made to retain women modesty. It is made of two triangles to cover women’s chest and two triangles to cover the genitals. Even if Micheline Bernardini, a stripper, displayed ‘bikini- the atom bomb of fashion’ as a celebration of freedom and life for women. Why still it’s considered as a sin in most of the parts of the world?

wearing bikini

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Effects of Atom Bomb of Fashion

According to Modern Girl Magazine, a bikini is described as something inconceivable to be worn by a girl with tact and decency. The bikini was something brought as the sign of liberty to women. Still, it was banned from most of the pageants after the first Miss World Contest. In Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Australia and many parts of the United States.

effects of atom bomb of fashion

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Why Bikini considered a bad sign?

The garment was opposed by many religious and cultural group because of its degree of exposure of female body. So, what does bubble say about it? As we go back to what is represented in the Bible, being nude was taken as the sign of purity until Satan spread its sins. Then why bikini was considered as an offense mainly by people of Vatican City?

bikini considered a bad sign

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Sign of nature & sexuality

Where nudity is taken as the sign of connection with life, it is also something which is associated with sexuality. In the Genesis 3 also God made “tunics of skin” for Adam and Eve to cover their body. Clothes were created by God to represent his protection and grace. This was also the belief of most of the people when bikini was launched. It was banned almost everywhere because they were far removed from God’s mercy and redemption. Also, it was the thought throughout old and new testament.

sign of nature and sexuality

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Anyway, we have come so far from what it was a few decades back. While being nude was only accepted in any sexual activity. No doubt, wearing bikini was taken as scornful years back especially when a Christian girl urges to wear it. Now, we can see almost everywhere, and it’s accepted widely.

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