What is the Difference Between Coffee and Kratom?

Many people start their day with a cup of coffee, and it is what keeps them energized for the rest of the day. Most coffee fans admit that they can’t go out without a cup of coffee. However, do you know, coffee and kratom are relatives to one another? Both coffee and kratom belong to the Rubiaceae family. Although kratom has no proven health benefits for the body, a lot of people consume it every day.  Here, in this article, we will guide you through the major differences between coffee and kratom:

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Pain Relief Properties

Kratom is consumed by over 100 million people across the globe, and most of them claim it provides relaxation to the brain from stress and anxiety. Frequent users of kratom also claim it treats muscle aches and severe body pains. However, none of these claims are backed by medical research at all. For best effects, experts suggest people consume kratom strains, which are rich in mitragynine. Coffee, on the other hand, has proven health benefits and can provide relief from body pains.

However, coffee and kratom fans claim, kratom is more effective as compared to coffee. Not to forget, coffee acts differently from kratom when it comes to pain-relieving effects. Caffeine is known as a vasoconstrictor. Therefore it helps in eliminating certain kinds of body pains. Minor pains such as headaches, muscle overload, and inflammation can easily be cured with the help of coffee.

Effects on Sleep

The biggest difference between coffee and kratom is the difference in sleep after consumption. Kratom is known for making people feel high even at lower doses, which is why it is highly effective at higher doses. So if you have difficulty in falling asleep, you can smoke a pot of kratom. However, it is essential to be particular about the strain you’re using. People often prefer to shop from Kratom Crazy because they have the best kratom strains in town.

Contrary to this, coffee is very bad for sleep and can give you insomnia. Caffeine is a stimulating alkaloid that works perfectly for people who want to stay active throughout the day. So if you want to stay active at work, there’s no harm in grabbing a cup of coffee.

Effects on Memory

According to recent research by John Hopkins University, caffeine can boost memory in the long run and increase concentration. It also prevents cellular oxidation and cognition deterioration. Alzheimer’s is a deadly disease in which a person loses memory over some time. Therefore, a cup of coffee can improve the longevity of your memory.

Talking about kratom, there is no medical evidence that kratom can uplift or enhance cognition. Furthermore, kratom doesn’t even improve focus and short term memory. People who consume high doses of kratom often end up feeling high and engaging in uncontrollable behavior. This is why it is better to keep away from this toxic drug. Unless something substantial doesn’t come out of scientific results, kratom cannot be consumed as a drug.

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