Weird Personality Disorders And People Who Portrayed Them.

Personality disorders are a wreck for human brain, body and soul. So these disorders can mold a person, and can destroy a person in no time. These disorders are said to be found in every 1 out of 5 people on earth.

So let us take a look at five of the most common yet crazy disorders;

Paranoid personality disorders

These people are almost always suspicious of others motives and don’t trust other people. They feel like everyone is going to harm them or violate them in some manner.  They get aggravated by little things. Even any harsh word or sentence can demotivate them or aggravate them.

Examples: Adolf Hitler

Borderline Personality Disorders

They are very temperamental people and have drastic mood swings. They have poor or very less impulse control, which often leads to substance abuse.

Hence they may go through severe mood swings, they might consider suicide or self-mutilation during emotional outbursts,  but after a few minutes or hours seem totally fine and happy.

Their moods may depend upon little or minor things, or even day to day activities.

Examples: The Hulk

via the marvel

Antisocial Personality Disorder

They are basically psychopaths and predators. They find pleasure or relaxation when they exploit others. and they do it without feeling guilty about it.

These patients are exploitative, deceitful, good at reading social cues and appear charming to other. They might even disregard other’s well being and also violate the rights of others, just for pleasure.

Examples:  The Joker, from the Batman series.

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Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder

they are the Extreme perfectionists. they sometimes obsess over perfection so much to the point that it can hinder their ability to complete tasks.

Organizing, listing, scheduling and small details are very much valued by people with this disorder, they never give up either.

Example: Steve Jobs

Even Monica from the t.v series friends.


Identity Crisis Disorder

In psychology, the term identity crisis = the failure to achieve ego identity.

During this stage, adolescents face integrating ideas of themselves and about what others think of them or their personality or behavior.  this is a very common phenomenon during growing up age.

Adolescents, therefore, form their self-image of what they think is correct or true to them.  they tend to endure this resolving the crisis of their confused ego identity.

Example: Ranbir Kapoor from the movie Tamasha.


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