Wedding Beauty Checklist- Everything You Need To Do Before The Big Day

Getting married is one of the biggest life events for any person. This is the day that you must have been dreaming about since your childhood. Even though the bride and groom are equally important, we can all agree that most eyes fall on the bride. She’s the most beautiful and fairest flower of the whole event. This is precisely the reason why a few steps need to be taken before the main event. It’s up to you to ensure your inner beauty radiates through and manifests on your appearance.

1. New Hair, New Me

Now that your wedding is approaching, it might be time to figure out what to do with your hair. Maybe you’ve been wearing the same old hairstyle for ages and are itching for a change. Or maybe you change your hair so often you have no idea what to do for the wedding. Both of these scenarios are excellent reasons to visit the hairstylist months before the wedding.

A new hairdo can go terribly wrong, so by experimenting in advance, you’ll avoid a disaster. You’ll also have plenty of time to try different things and see what fits you best. If nothing else, you’ll walk out with fresh colour and healthier hair, ready for your big day.

2. Be as radiant as the Sun

Your skin is bound to receive as much attention as you are on your big day. Whether you’ve got acne problems and issues with oily skin or generally easily maintainable skin, it’s important to take some precautions. We all know that pimples and breakouts are bound to happen when we least want them. Not even makeup can help us in these situations.

When it comes to proper skin care, make sure to have a set up routine months before the wedding. This will help you maintain your skin and will minimize the risk of the unexpected. You could also visit a dermatologist for some advice.

3. Smile bright

Bride and groom smiling

A happy bride is a smiling bride, which is why it’s important to take care of your teeth. You don’t want to spend the whole day hiding your teeth and avoiding smiling. This is one of the happiest days of your life, so you should be able to enjoy it with fully confident. Australian brides have realized this a long time ago, which is why most of them pat a visit to places like the Oceanic Dental Lab. This just proves that a proper and trustworthy dentist can take care of any problem you might have and make you ready for the big day.

Whether you’re in need of new crowns or are after just a simple whitening job, the dentist is the answer. Then, years later, when you’re looking at your wedding photos, you’ll be glad you took the advice of any Aussie bride. The smile on those photos will truly be the brightest and prettiest ever, and not just because it was your wedding day.

4. Take Sleeping Beauty’s advice

We’ve all heard of beauty sleep, but why is it so important for your wedding? Well, if you really want to look like a princess, it’s helpful that you’re not pale and that there are no bags under your eyes. Plus, extra energy isn’t something you should turn down on such a busy day. This is why you should focus on stabilizing your sleep schedule and getting some quality shut-eye.

You can go as far as taking naps, too, if you don’t manage to get a full eight hours during the night. All of this will make you feel fresh and ready while rejuvenating your body and making your skin look healthier. After all, our bodies do the most healing while we’re asleep.


As you can see, it takes a lot of attention to detail to be a truly beautiful bride. This checklist will help you stay on top of your organization game and look like a true princess. No expense should be spared for your wedding day and everything should be top notch. In that spirit, taking care of your appearance should be a priority. Remember that by doing so, you’re also enhancing your mental health and confidence, thus being even more ready to walk down the aisle.

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