5 U.S. based Places to Travel for Cannabis

You are footloose and COVID-free, thanks to your vaccination, and you are looking for someplace to celebrate the summer season. The CDC doesn’t recommend international travel because some countries continue to experience out-of-control COVID spread; even vaccinated, you have a chance of contracting the virus, and the less exposure you have, the less likely you will allow SARS-CoV-2 to mutate. As a result, your vacation options are limited to domestic destinations — but that shouldn’t be a problem, now that so many U.S. states allow recreational cannabis consumption. 

Weed makes a summer vacation that much more wild and wonderful. Whether you are a dedicated stoner or are looking to try cannabis for the first time.  

5 U.S. based Places to Travel for Cannabis

1. Alaska 

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Secretly, Alaskans have been enjoying private cannabis consumption since the 1970s, but the state was among the first to legalize recreational weed in 2014, so now visitors to the Last Frontier can enjoy bud, as well. The best Alaska vacation begins in a bigger city, like Juneau or Fairbanks, where you can find plenty of retail cannabis dispensaries in operation. Then, you can venture into the wilderness, enjoying the adventure travel activity of your choosing — be that hiking, camping, backpacking, rafting, kayaking, dog sledding or driving. Just make sure you don’t bring any cannabis goodies into a national park, which is technically federal land that abides by federal cannabis law.

2. Arizona 

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Arizona is extremely underrated as a vacation destination, especially in the summer. Though temperatures do hit triple digits essentially every day from June to September, there are so many swim resorts in the Valley of the Sun that it is easy and fun to stay cool. Plus, you can escape to the north of the state, where the summer is not nearly as hot, and where you can find some of the most stunning scenery in the Lower 48. Yet, before you venture to Sedona, the Grand Canyon, or the Petrified Forest, you should stop by a Phoenix dispensary to stock up. Giving Tree Dispensary is a great dispensary in Phoenix, Arizona.

3. Colorado 

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The cannabis industry is booming in Colorado, which has enjoyed legal weed for the longest amount of time in any state. You can find a recreational dispensary almost anywhere, which is convenient because there are many Colorado destinations worth visiting. If you are interested in a quiet, quaint summer trip, we recommend some of the old mining towns in mountains, like Ouray or Leadville. However, if you like hustle and bustle in your vacation, you can’t beat the capital of Denver, which is opening up venues for all sorts of concerts and events this summer. 

4. Oregon 

Source- Visit the USA

There is no better time to visit the Pacific Northwest than the summer, when the skies clear up and the temperatures rise to reveal a gorgeous, green landscape. Oregon has a well-deserved reputation as a stoner’s paradise, and recent law changes decriminalizing all drug use and permitting the sale of psilocybin makes it even more attractive to the recreational user. If you are planning to make your summer vacation all about the weed, you should plan to stick close to Portland, where drug use is extremely well tolerated and where there are plenty of activities (dispensary tours, yoga, cooking classes, spas, social lounges) for the actively stoned.

5. Michigan 

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The Midwest is often woefully forgotten during the trip-planning process, which is a shame considering the beauty and fun that Michigan offers summer travellers. If you can find a cabin by any of Michigan’s lakes, you should spend at least a week or two soaking up the sun, sand and surf in this underappreciated vacation wonderland. Plus, Michigan was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis in the Midwest. It is easy enough to pass through a pro-weed town like Ann Arbor or Grand Rapids to visit a dispensary on your way to the lake. 

Even if you are dreaming of a trip to Greece or Thailand, it is safest for everyone if you put off your international travel plans for summer 2022. Until then, there are plenty of exciting and relaxing domestic destinations worth visiting — and they have the added benefit of legal weed. For more info like this, check out the 4 side effects of CBD oil

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