Here Are The Traits Of A Good Boss And A Bad Boss

It’s better to choose a Bad Job with a Good Boss rather than a Good Job with a Bad Boss.

Below are the traits of a Good Boss and a Bad Boss.

  • Motivation

The Bad one will continuously remind you of the mistake you have made or even fire you while a good one doesn’t give importance to faults of an employee. He instead inspires the employee to work better and smarter by helping them.

  • Fair & Unfair Behaviour

A Bad Boss will be biased towards a particular gender or caste and give them promotions and extra benefits.


A Good Boss understands every employee with their capabilities and talents and rewards them accordingly.

  • Last Say in a Decision or Situation

The bad one will take himself in the most superior and intellectual manner by having his last say in the decision by considering his own business profits while a good boss will always be very humble. He takes his employees inputs and collectively decides for the benefit of a whole company.

  • Work-Life Balance

A Bad Boss doesn’t look after the needs of the employee and makes him work for long only to get his work done.

good-boss and bad boss

Whereas, a good one helps the employee to keep balance with work and life. He makes them work peacefully in the required office hours, thus making them feel that they are valuable for the company.

  • Appreciation

A Bad Boss never appreciates an employee even if he has done a good job so that he need not have to give rewards for the same.

A Good one gives due credit to an employee as he understands that giving respect to an employee encourages him to work with more dedication. A pat on his back makes a long way for the company.

  • Breakdown Situation

A Bad Boss will start the blame game in a breakdown situation. They will use the fear tactic which makes employees lose trust over the boss.

Whereas, good ones will sit down with the employees in the situation of haphazard and remove ways and solutions to fix it. This makes the employees develop trust over their bosses.

  • Transparency

A Bad boss will always keep secrecy in the company’s growth and profits earned. While a good one will always be honest with the employees about the Company plans, growth, and profit.

Do you too have some more points to add to that differentiates good boss and lousy boss then do not forget to mention in comments below!

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