These Toxic Habits Hold The Power To Damage You From Within

Toxic Habits – More Harmful Than Fatal Diseases!

It is widely believed that nervousness and anxiety are serial killers, standing in the queue just behind cancer and smoking.

It is a self- created ones, which rip us apart from the inside.

The biggest destruction is self-destruction. We might be exhibiting various habits which are toxic in nature but we are completely oblivious to this fact.

Here are the most toxic habits that damage our mind, making us counter-productive:

  • Overthinking

If you do this, you probably know it- because you haven’t only thought about things too much but you’ve thought about thinking them too much and this makes you think that you are over thinking it!

This is a vicious trap, which many people fall prey to!

It is essential for one to pull some reins over it before it takes a toll on us. An over-thinker needs to develop a quick and well-disciplined method to separate things worth thinking about from the things that are wasting their time!

  • Past Pointing

Many people have been through a rattling experience that does not allow them to wake up the next day and focus on what’s significant. Their past keeps hammering their present, and all they can do is think, think and just think!

This is a very common problem, and the first step to battle it is accepting the fact!  So, accept the truth. Accept what is correct. And the second step is to put the past exactly where it belongs- out of the present!

  • Fearing the Change

I still remember the dialogue from a movie- Avengers II- Age Of Ultron, “Humans are made to evolve”. Rightly said, Ultron!

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Don’t be afraid to change when the change is bringing something good to you!

Accept the fact, stretch your limits, and move on with the change; because this change is the new you, and you are what you are made up of!

  • Holding Grudges

This is something everyone does. Someone did something to break our trust, crushed our ego or undermined our pride. And we hold an infinite grudge against that terrible someone. But when we hold on to it, the only person it hurts is us.

So, if you are the one holding a grudge against someone, rethink whose time it’s wasting!

  • Not sleeping enough

Sleep is divine. It is Heaven. It is everything!

When we are out of time in doing something which we are yet to, what we do is cut down on our sleep. And this is the most irrational and counter-productive action on our part!

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Psychologists say that sleep & productivity go hand in hand. Lack of sleep can lead to errors, lowered productivity, and even higher risk of diseases!

  • Surrounding Yourself With Negativity

It is extremely easy for every one of us to attribute our problems to a negative thing. Because why not?

But, WHY?

Positivity is the essence of life. Be Positive. Think Positive. Behave Positive. Because life is what you make of it.

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Surround yourself with positivity, and life will seem to smile back at you!

Life is not as easy as a cakewalk. Problems will always surround you. It all depends on you how you keep the scoreboard moving!

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