Top Fashion Design Universities/Colleges in USA 2022

Fashion is king in today’s world. Clothes are becoming increasingly vital in our relentless quest to express ourselves. And with more and more talented designers joining the excitement, the fashion industry is more competitive than ever. If you wish to shine through the competition and impress any fashion enthusiast with an eagle eye for color harmony, invest enough time researching the best fashion colleges out there.

To help you navigate the hustle, we’ve prepared a list of top fashion design colleges in the USA that can equip you with all the right tools to hone your creativity and stay on top of fashion design trends in 2022. Let’s dive right in!

Parsons School of Design 

A fashion design powerhouse, Parsons has nurtured some of the brightest brains in today’s fashion world, including Alexander Wang and Donna Karan, many of whom constantly deliver workshops to instruct and inspire students. Impressive, isn’t it?

Leveraging the transformative potential of design, Parsons offers rigorous study programs tailored to raise the next generation of one-of-a-kind fashion designers. Aiming to make the world a better place by encouraging creative acumen and bold thinking, Parsons is leading the fashion design stage with its boundary-breaking educational programs.

Pratt School of Design 

Today, fashion can be described as cultural messaging through clothes, and Pratt understands this all too well. A top-ranked college in fashion design, Pratt is leading the game with its top-notch curriculum and emphasis on honing out-of-the-box thinking in mastering contemporary aesthetics.

What’s more, Pratt boasts extremely eclectic study programs, offering students diverse course options to supplement their design studies, from marketing and communication courses to magazine publishing. So be sure to check out cheap research papers for sale to brush up on your writing skills before applying. Professional writing services can help you boost your academic writing skills like no other and nail that upcoming application essay. No matter how talented you are in fashion design, you need to be able to make others believe in you.

Kent School of Fashion 

Delivering fashion courses from 1983, Kent School of Design has established its name as a forward-looking college, priding itself in helping students gain global prominence. Encouraging young people to apply their talent in real-world settings, Kent offers exchange programs across Europe and high-profile internships worldwide. By leveraging Kent’s cutting-edge digital design and production technologies, students receive all the tools they need to rise and shine.

Academy of Art University

The sole fashion school to participate in NY Fashion Week, Academy of Art University is setting the bar really high with its stellar fashion design, fashion journalism, merchandising, and business programs. Be sure to check out their smart student fashion blog – it can take your breath away!

As a practice-based art school, the Academy of Art University adopts a rigorous curriculum, encouraging students to constantly turn theory into practice. And with fashion trends among students changing with the speed of light, the college makes it a priority to equip students with up-to-date industry knowledge. If you wish to dive deep into contemporary trends and design clothes that matter, be sure to nail your application and reap all the amazing benefits offered by the university.

Fashion’s Way Forward

Nothing beats the power of fashion for communicating your uniqueness. This is when you wear the clothes, and if you also happen to possess the skills for designing fashion items that touch people’s hearts, you’re entering an altogether more powerful realm of trendsetting. Feeling inspired? Then be sure to research top fashion design universities in the US to pick the one that can equip you with all the tools you need. 

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