Top 8 Brutal Ways of Execution In Human History

Throughout the history, humans have devised many things, even different ways of execution. It is fascinating and scary to see that human can be so creative when it comes to killing people. These ways of executions took place to merely make an example or punish people for their wrongdoings.

So, here are top brutal ways of execution in human history.

Rat Torture

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There are many people in this world who have a strong dislike towards rats. Well, you are soon going to join that club. In this form of torture, a half cage is placed on top of a confined man, then this cage is heated, which make the rats desperate to from it.

Since there is nowhere to escape other than the burrowing themselves in the victims’ flesh. Rats start gnawing and clawing their way through the flesh, inducing great agony and torture.

Buried while alive

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You can easily guess what happens in this one. In this, the victims are buried alive, most often in coffins. The newest documented case of this executing mechanism was during Nanking Massacre in 1937 when Japanese troops buried Chinese civilians alive.

Colombian Necktie

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People who devised this method of torture sure stuck to the name. In this method, the neck of the victim is slit with a knife. But that’s not all. After the throat is slit, the executer draws out the victim’s tongue through the slit. Which looks like a necktie. This way of execution was mostly used to frighten or intimidate people.


In this method, a large metal grill is placed over hot burning coals. On this grill, the victim is placed and well, cooked alive. Some victims were also smeared with oil to ensure proper broiling.

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In this method, the victim was confined in a small space of two narrow boats joined together, with hands, legs, and head sticking out. These victims were then fed a huge amount of honey and milk which resulted in diarrhea, also, some extra honey was poured on the body especially on eyes, ears, mouth, and face.

Then they were left floating on a stagnant pond with full exposure of the sun. The victims usually died due to dehydration, starvation or shock.

Burning at the Stake

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This is one of the most popular execution methods of all times. This method was highly used in the majority of the world in history. In this, the victim is bound to a large wooden stake and surrounded by flammable materials.

If the fire was small, victims died due to heatstroke, hypovolemia. But if the flames were large, death came due to high inhalation of carbon monoxide.

The Rack

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This was known to be the most painful form of medieval torture. The victim was bound on the top of a rack and the was stretched until their limbs were dislocated. Sometimes, the wheels were turned till the limbs were completely torn off of the body of the victim.


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Flaying also known as skinning is a popular method of execution. In this method, the skin from the body of the victim is slowly removed. The death in this form of execution is caused due to massive blood loss or other body fluids, hypothermia or infections.

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