Top 5 Online File Converters To Use

Our mobiles, tablets, and computers do not support all kinds of file formats. Sometimes we want to convert an image, audios, videos, and PDF files that are compatible with our device. For this purpose, we need a converter. In this modern era, and because of lack of time, everyone wants to have smart options such as an online converter. There are thousands of online file converters available in the market that claim to provide fast speed and accurate results. You may be thinking which one is the best? So don’t worry. We have selected the top 5 online file converters to narrow down your search. So let’s discuss them in detail: 

1. onlineconvertfree.com


onlineconvertfree.com comes on top of our list because of its interesting and attractive features. It supports almost all kinds of file formats such as videos, audios, PDF, images, graphs, tables, etc. Onlineconvertfree.com supports more than 200 file formats. If it is suitable for personal use as well as small and medium-sized businesses. Moreover, it has an easy interface with drag and drop features. You can convert your file within a few seconds. The best part about this tool is that it provides you with an accurate result. 

onlineconvertfree.com also provides you with an option to download your converted file in multiple formats. As the name suggests, it is a free tool, so you will not get any watermark on the converted file. 

2. Convert.Files

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Convert.Files is a smart and simple option for converting your file. It covers various kinds of input and output file formats. Simply browse your file or enter the URL of your file to get started. Like onlineconvertfree.com, Convert.Files also support different formats such as audio, archive, image, video, ebook, presentations, drawings, and other documents with accuracy and speed. 

The best part about this converter is that it automatically deducts the suitable output file format for you. You can also choose the output format manually. By following a few simple steps, you can convert your file. And you can mark the checkbox for getting the file directly in your email. 

3. Convertio

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To convert your files quickly from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, or even a URL, you must try Convertio. It allows you to convert your document, image, presentation, ebook, or vector files. The unique feature about Convertio is that you can convert multiple files at a time. You can perform his action by clicking the “Add More Files” button on the interface. There is an option available for all users to save their files to Google Drive or DropBox. 

You can see the conversion process for each file along with its size. It is more suitable for personal use. Many small businesses also use Convertio for converting a different kind of files. 

4. Zamzar

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Zamzar is the best free file converter that supports over 1,100 file formats. The main conversion types are available on the homepage. But you can also browse your desired format by searching in the menu. After selecting the format, you can choose your file from the computer or paste the direct URL. You have the option to select from ebook, video, music, documents, and image. 

Zamzar works a little bit different than the other free online converters. You must enter your email address to download your converted file. If you want to save your previous file record in an inbox, you can buy a paid account. If you don’t mind using email, give Zamzar a try. 

5. FreeFileConvert

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FreeFileConvert is the first online file converter that supports over 8,700 conversion combinations. So, if you want an uncommon conversion, you must try FreeFileConvert. You can convert five files at once, but they must be in the same file format. Once you upload a file, you will get automatic file suggestions. You can also browse other output formats. 

FreeFileConvert allows you to convert ebook, archive, image, CAD, document, audio, vector, presentation, and font file formats. Just by clicking one of these supported files, you can quickly review all other available file formats.

Bottom Line

We have discussed the top 5 Online File Converters, in this article. All of them have their own characteristics. But the selection depends on your needs and choice. Select the one that meets your personal requirements. 

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