Top 4 Beauty Tips For a Costume Party

When it comes to themed parties, everyone wants to wow the crowd with a unique costume, and part of the magic is the hair and makeup aspect of the outfit. After all, when attending a costume party there is always the fear of someone else wearing the same costume as you. Of course, you can always make your own outfit but creating an effective look with makeup and props will help you stand out even more. Here are a few beauty tips to help transform you into your chosen character.

Be Bold

If you have decided on a killer idea for your upcoming costume party, don’t approach it halfheartedly. From the outfit and accessories to your hair and makeup, be bold with your choices. Just remember that everyone else will be making an effort, so don’t be shy about your costume idea. For example, the Incredible Hulk wouldn’t look so intimidating if he had a faded green skin tone. Even a generic costume idea, such as a cat, requires the right details to pull the look together and make it less ordinary.

Don’t Use Cheap Products

When walking through a department store and browsing the beauty section you might find a small selection of body paint, and at Halloween you might even spot some fake blood and other beauty products to help you achieve your look. Unfortunately, these products are usually low quality and won’t give you the right effect. If you truly want your makeup to pop, it is a good idea to invest in high quality make up that’s sweat proof and will stay on through your event. Proper theatrical and stage makeup is formulated with bold pigments and is designed to last for hours.

Dabble in Special Effects

For those who want to make jaws drop with their outfit, why not dabble in some FX special effects makeup? This type of makeup might sound intimidating, but you can achieve an awesome effect with the right products. Using latex and the type of special effects makeup professionals use, you can make wounds and scabs appear even more gruesome.

Make Your Outfit Pop With Prosthetic Makeup

Prosthetic makeup describes a type of special effects makeup process that enables makeup artists to physically alter their appearance using special effects prosthetics. It can be difficult to master this type of technique, but beginners can try their hand at prosthetic makeup by using premade prosthetics that are ready to use out of the package. For example, 3D transfers can be applied in a similar way as temporary tattoos and there’s a large variation in the type of transfers available on the market. For example, those dressing up as a unicorn can complete their look with a horn transfer while witches can adopt a large, pointy nose and blend it into their face with some face paint and makeup. In addition to 3D prosthetics, you can also use colored contact lenses, false lashes and wigs to pull your outfit together.

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