Top 10 Ways To Practice Self-Care

The care provided “for you, by you” is self-care. In this crazy world, you need to find some time to nurture and pamper yourself. It’s good to give yourself a little treat from time-to-time.

Practice Yoga

Everybody knows there is more than one benefit of yoga. It’s scientifically proven, that practising yoga makes you happy and also improves immune functioning. Also, yoga helps you focus better, relaxes your system and maintains your nervous system.

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Read a book

Imagine, snuggling up in your most comfortable blanket with a book in your hand and a hot brewing coffee mug. Doesn’t it sound appealing? Recent researches have proved that reading a book can work as a serious stress buster and reduces stress by 68 percent. Also, reading is known to help in fighting or preventing Alzheimer’s Disease.

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Unplugged Walks

To keep your mind refreshed, you need to give away all the gadgets and gizmos you have. You need to focus on your walk. By not being able to check your mobile every second, you’re eliminating negativity from your life. Walking helps by improving your mood, decreasing your weight and slash the risk of chronic diseases.

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Put on your favourite track and shake your booty! Dancing is just not fun, but highly beneficial too. Dancing will help you diminish depression, reduce stress, keep you away from heart diseases, decrease weight and keep you energised.

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Power Nap Time

Napping has a really good defect in your body. By just thinking of taking a nap, you can lower your blood pressure. By taking a 20-30 minute nap can help you in increasing your patience, make you more alert and creative, also will strengthen your memory. Napping is also found to reduce or prevent the chances of heart diseases.

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Good Laugh

Watch any comedy movie or show that cracks you up or read any comic strip which will tickle your funny bone. Laughing lowers blood pressure, reduces stress, improve your cardiac health and is sure the best feeling in the world.

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Write your feelings

Writing your thoughts and feelings will help you to manage your anxiety, reduce stress, cope with depression. It will help you figure out yourself, what you really want and what’s been bothering for so long. Also, you can provide yourself with positive, motivating talks by identifying your negative behaviour.

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Get Comfortable

Open your wardrobe and grab the most comfortable looking sweatpants and a tee shirt! Let your body be free from daily tension and pick something that feels amazing next to your skin. Even your skin needs rest from regular office or school uniforms.

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The Bathing

Treat yourself to a nice, hot shower. A hot shower helps to detox your body, leaving you to feel rejuvenated, it also reduces stress, removes stiffness and reduces muscles cramps.

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Be Selfish

Do everything that makes you happy. Eat the food you like and watch your favourite television series. Play with your pet, take a nap, go to a spa and anything you like. Only you can indeed take care of yourself.

Don’t forget your importance in your own life.

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