This Is How Butter Makes Everything Better!

Uses of Butter

Who doesn’t like toasted bread with a dollop of butter or the sound of sizzling cold butter slide down their parathas? Apart from making your Sunday breakfast yummy, butter offers other unconventional benefits. So, here are some of the unique uses of butter!

Unconventional uses of butter:

1. Steer clear of the sticky sap

Ever had kids played with raw mangoes only to end up with sticky fingers and stains all over the face? Rub a little butter on the fingers, then wash using warm water and soap to remove the sticky sap!

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2. Make your own conditioner

After washing the hair with a regular shampoo, massage some butter in the strands for a silky smooth and glossy mane.

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3. Get rid of the fishy smell

Fish eaters often encounter this problem. Cleaning and cooking the fish leaves behind some unwanted stench. Although, using a dollop of butter on the hand before washing will solve this problem.

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4. Get a close shave

Rub some butter on the moistened skin to get a close shave without any cuts and burns!

5. Post-wax treatment

After a waxing ritual, there is still some of the sticky wax remaining on the skin. However, massaging the skin with butter not only gets rid of the waxy leftovers but also makes the skin soft and soothes it.

6. Swallow a pill

Some brands have a really monstrous size of pills, which will just not go down your throat. Applying a thin coat of butter to the pill will help them slide down easily. Try this while training young kids to swallow their medicines.

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7. Stop the squeaking of doors

Running out of oil? Use butter on the hinges to stop the old doors from squeaking!

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8. Get a manicure

Skip the parlor appointment queues. Now just massage your fingertips with butter to easily soften the cuticles and make the fingernails less brittle, without pinching your wallet.

9. Clean your leather goods

Get back the sheen of your leather bags and belts by wiping them with a little butter. They’ll be as good as new!

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10. Remove gum from your hair

Remember when a sibling would play a prank on you by putting gum in your hair? The only option to get rid of it was to chop the main. Now skip the nightmare by using some softened butter on the hair strands, and see the chewing gum glide off.

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11. Slice sticky foods easily

Easily cut through dates, marshmallows, toffee by sliding the knife through a slab of butter.

12. Keep the mold off of your cheese

Coating the hard cheeses with a little butter help to prevent them from molds and keeps them fresh longer. Hence, coat the cut edge of the cheese with butter every time you use it before you wrap and refrigerate it.

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