This Country Is World’s First Carbon Negative Country

Bhutan has emerged as one of the eco-friendly nations and aiding to reduce Global Warming.

This nation, which is known as Kingdom of Buddhists, is not explored by many still is an epitome for other nations as it is declared not even Carbon Free but Carbon Negative nation. This will considerably affect the levels of Global Warming.

And this is such a commendable feat and is an inspiration to all.

What do you mean by Carbon negative country?

Carbon Dioxide(CO2)is one of the leading greenhouse gasses produced by us. And these gasses bring worldwide climate change. Many nations produce far more CO2 than they are able to absorb which leads to problems including Global warming.

Carbon negative nation means the country’s forest absorbs more carbon dioxide than it produces every year.

Currently, in Bhutan, 72% of the land is covered by forest which is acting as a carbon sink.

And Bhutan emits only 1.5 million ton of carbon dioxide annually and forests of Bhutan absorbs around 6 million ton of carbon dioxide.

How they achieved this feat?

This nation has many things to boast about. They ranked number 1 in 2014 in human development index, making it the world’s happiest country.

It uses gross national happiness to measure its growth. This is the only country to measure the growth in this unique way. And GNH followers consider environmental protection as main political agenda and this agenda was started and later continued by this country.

They have a world record for planting 49672 trees in one hour by 100 volunteers was set up in June 2015. This year in march 82000 household planted trees to celebrate the birth of their queen’s first child.

They achieved this feat over lot of hard work and by

  • putting a ban on export logging
  • amending the constitution to guarantee that it will not reduce forests to less than 60%.
  • providing free hydroelectric power generated by rivers
  • avoiding use earth damaging fossil fuels.

Great Plans Ahead

Bhutan plans to reach zero net greenhouse gas emission by the year 2023. To achieve this of course they will conjure up massive plans like a boost in use of renewable energy, the spread of electricity in rural areas, green cars and more green cover among others.

From the above-mentioned facts, you can get to know how we all have to learn from this country to protect the world from global warming.

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