The IT professions for students

System administrator

A system administrator is a person who is very well versed in technology, knows how a computer is set up. He makes sure that the computer system works properly and is also responsible for the safety of data.

It is impossible to become a system administrator without certain knowledge and skills. In addition to having an excellent understanding of how a PC is set up and how a computer network works, a specialist in this profession needs to understand programming.

To summarize, the sysadmin identifies irregularities in the computer or network, fixes them, writes a report about it, and makes a list of recommendations to improve security. This profession is among the top online professions of 2022. To become a system administrator, you need to train to become one. A good option to improve your skills and get a lot of experience would be an internship at a company, which is not difficult to find because specialists in this field are needed everywhere.


The tester is the second most important person who is involved in the development of programs, applications, games. Thanks to him programmers have more time to develop new projects or to fix bugs that a tester can find during his work. If you’re a student you can use programming homework help while studying.

Testing can be done in two ways:

  • Manual. A person who tests an application this way doesn’t need to know a lot about programming. He or she just actively uses the developed program and notes what errors, inaccuracies, and incorrect displays it has. This type of testing has become less relevant lately.
  • Automatic. Here the tester must already understand programming languages. He does not need to know how to develop applications, it is enough to know how tests are written, what may be the cause of the problems, and give correct and sensible recommendations for correcting errors.

Website Developer

People who know how to develop websites are very much needed these days. They are hired to create websites to sell some products, develop browser-based programs, communities, etc. 

Frontend developers make sure that the site displays and works equally correctly on all devices, that all the buttons, fields to fill in, and so on are active. And Fullstack specialists put together everything that people from the above categories have created.

Stages of work of the developer of sites:

  • Takes in the work of the order with the terms of reference;
  • oversees all stages of the site: design, advertising, and more;
  • develops quality software;
  • deals with technical documentation;
  • on completion of the development checks whether the created resource works correctly, corrects any errors;
  • shows the work done to the customer;
  • Continues to serve the site in the future.

Since the specialists on the development of websites – the in-demand online profession in 2022, the highest salary, which can receive a developer, is 250 thousand rubles.


A programmer has a lot of job options: code development, creating applications, programs, games, etc. Since there are a huge number of programming languages and one person is unlikely to be able to work with all of them, programmers are different:

  • JavaScript (working with HTML documents).
  • Python (has a wide scope of work).
  • JAVA (universal, but most often develops applications for the Android system).
  • C++ (universal).
  • PHP (web site development).
  • 1С.

Different types of work – different wages. The highest salaries are for JAVA, JavaScript, and iOS programmers. At the same time, Python is the most popular programming language.

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