The 8 Key Types of Grapples: Which Should You Invest In?

Grapples are used by skid steer operators every day, and the many different varieties of grapples are used for massively different tasks. By educating yourself about the eight primary types of grapples on the marketplace, you can confidently decide which one you should be investing your hard-earned money in: 

1. Clam Grapple

Grapples are one of the most important inventions in agricultural history. Clam grapples are one of the most popular grapple types available in the marketplace today. These grapples have been seeing their popularity rise due to the sheer versatility they offer. They use traditional solid one-piece clam, and dual-arm clam setups to get even the toughest jobs done with ease. These are used for heavy-duty jobs that cannot be handled by more traditional or lower-powered grapples. However, due to their power and increased features, clam grapples tend to be quite expensive. 

2. Brush Grapple

Nearly any job, especially for more casual skid steer users, can be done using a brush grapple. Possibly the most widely known type of heavy-duty grapple, brush grapples use lighter, but still highly capable stainless steel or extremely tough plastic to get the job done. Multi-purpose brush grapple models are widely available on the marketplace and can provide you with many customizable build options. Due to this, you should have the ability to find an affordable brush grapple attachment for skid steers, no matter what task you’re trying to accomplish.  

3. Stump Bucket Grapple

One of the most unique grapple products on this list, stump bucket grapples are known for their highly aggressive excavator teeth, and their heavy-duty capabilities. Those who require a tool that can help them move heavy limbs, and other dense objects, can get a lot of value out of a high-quality stump bucket grapple. That being said, they are more specialized, so they can cost a lot more than many other grapple-type products on this list. 

4. Forestry Grapple 

If you’re looking for a grapple that can handle the highly dense and tightly-packed landscape in crowded woods, you require a quality forestry grapple. These require extra tough skid steers that run on high horsepower, as the power to pull down trees and move thick bramble is immense. If you want the best forestry grapple on the market, you’ll want one that uses twin top grapples to exert its full force on your target. Many professional skid steer operators swear by the capabilities of forestry grapples. And go home to a solid farm-to-table meal after operating them. 

5. Dirt Bucket Grapple

If you simply need to move a huge pile of dirt (and lots of them), investing in a quality dirt bucket grapple is highly recommended. They are built to make the task easy and can be customized using additional attachments to make jobs incredibly simple. Just make sure you know how thick the dirt you’ll be moving is, or if you can expect stone and root systems to be hidden in the dirt that you’ll be moving. 

6. High-Capacity Grapple 

High-capacity grapples are most commonly used by farmers and other professionals who are using their skid steers day in and day out. Their massive size and highly versatile nature have led to their popularity in the marketplace. If you’re worried about a grapple being too small in size and stature to get a job done properly, you’ll want to check out the extended possibilities that a quality high-capacity grapple can offer to you. 

7. Rock Ripper Grapple 

Not unlike the stump bucket grapple we discussed earlier, rock ripper grapples are known for handling heavy-duty crushing and moving jobs with ease (especially when it comes to rocks and other stone material). The extra fidelity associated with most rock ripper grapple control systems has helped them stand apart from the pack. Even if you’re moving wood or some other non-rock, heavy object, a solid rock ripper grapple can likely help you complete the job in an efficient, safe manner. 

8. Root Grapple 

When you’re dealing with especially thick soil conditions, you want to use a root grapple for maximum efficiency. It gets the name “root” grapple from its ability to easily upend even the hardiest of root systems, after all. The additional spacing between the tines on the grapple is what gives it more power in these scenarios. Knowing what type of roots you’re dealing with can help you purchase the best root grapple for the job, so be sure to ask a sales associate what they recommend before making a final purchasing decision. 

Find the Right Grapple for Your Needs

With this list, you can easily pinpoint the grapple that will best serve your needs. Once you’ve determined the type of grapple you’ll need, you should focus on discovering which brand, style, and add-ons you are most impressed by. 

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