The 10 Grooming Tips All Stylish Men Know

It is not enough to simply be well-dressed. It is important to be well-groomed as well. This inherently leads a certain style and charisma to every individual. Most Indian men tend to neglect their grooming as an unimportant task. However, this only has a detrimental effect on their appearance and get-up. There are many easy tips with which you can regularly groom yourself and be at your best.

A little investment in personal grooming can go a long way in helping you have a well put-together look. You can get a range of products from brands like Kama Ayurveda, Beardo, Forest Essentials and more. Moreover, you can even get their products with discounts and coupons. For example, there are Beardo coupons and promo codes that can help you save up to Rs.1000, give you a flat 22% off and more.

10 Grooming Tips for Men

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To truly own your style, you must pay attention to your personal grooming as well. This will also help you become more confident in your skin. Here are 10 grooming tips for men that can help you out.

Trim Your Beard

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If you are growing a beard, make sure to maintain it properly. Otherwise, it is easy to look disheveled with it. Keep it trimmed or cut out the stray strands regularly. This will help in the healthy growth of your beard as well as keep it looking good. There are several products that you can use to style your beard like the ones available at Beardo. Styling your beard helps it look more put together and also helps you explore various looks.

Clip Your Nails

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Most people seem to consider this as largely unimportant, especially men. However, long and unclean nails are severely unattractive and unhygienic. Make sure to trim your nails once in a while to help them grow well and keep them well-shaped. Also, clean the underside of your nails from time to time, especially if you have finished some tasks that require you to get your hands dirty. This will also prevent you from getting dirt anywhere else.

Trim Your Ear and Nose Hair

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An electric trimmer is affordable as well as multipurpose. Not only can you trim your beard with it, but also your ear and nose hair. This is very important because protruding ear and nose hair look quite unsanitary and unappealing. There are many kinds of electric trimmers available from brands like Philips and more.

Keep Your Breath Fresh

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This is one of the most crucial things to take care of. Bad breath is an instant turn off and can severely compromise you in any situation. Bad breath is caused due to leftover food or drinks in your mouth as they lead to the growth of bacteria. Always brush your teeth well after having your meal or before you have an important event. You can also use a mouth freshener as a quick fix and floss daily.

Use Deodorants

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No one likes anyone with a sweaty odor or wet armpits. It is extremely unappealing and even quite disgusting. Always make sure to use a deodorant or at least an anti-transpirant when you go out, especially if you live in a humid climate or tend to sweat easily. A fresh smell helps you look good and presentable. However, do not douse yourself with deodorant as a strong smell can be off-putting.

Clean Your Face and Moisturize

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Indian men often seem to have a misconception that using a face wash and moisturizer is only for women. They could not be more wrong. Cleaning and moisturizing your face are basic parts of your hygiene. It also helps you look good, attractive and keeps your skin looking youthful, healthy and fresh. There are many affordable options for these available at brands such as Kama Ayurveda, Forest Essentials and more.

Exfoliate Your Face

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Once in a while, make sure you exfoliate properly. This will help you get rid of dead skin cells and present dirt accumulation. In turn, you will have healthy, fresh and youthful-looking skin. Doing this before your moisturizing routine once a week will go a long way in helping you look good. Skincare is an essential part of looking your best and helps you keep looking younger for a long time.


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The above-mentioned tips are easy to do but help you look presentable, attractive and appealing. It is always advisable to groom yourself. It will also help you feel more confident in yourself. Whether it is a casual setting or a professional setting, being well-groomed will always make a good impression. Moreover, grooming for men does not require any extravagant product and less is more. Additionally, you can always utilize discounts to save up. Therefore, do not compromise on personal grooming and be at your best.

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