• Health and WellnessPasta Sauce

    How To Taste Personality With Pasta Sauce?

    The world is a battlefield and the only thing that keeps us together — PASTA! But think again, did you forget the last time you and your friend had a fight over the Pasta Sauce choice? Brace yourselves, people, observations have it. — the choice of Pasta sauce you order reveal a lot about your current mood, choices and your personality…

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  • Factscolor psychology

    What is the Significance of Colors in our Emotions

    Does a yellow room make you feel anxious? Does blue color have a calm and relaxing effect on you? There has been a long belief among artists and interior designers that color can affect your mood, behavior, and decisions. The great artist Pablo Picasso once said: “Colors follow the changes of emotion.” A color is a potent tool for communication.…

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  • FashionWedding gowns

    What Made Brides To Carry White Wedding Gowns On Their Big Day

    Wedding gowns are white, and just ‘eccentric’ ladies wear other shades. Which is a senseless social tradition to maintain so entirely, truly? Since wedding dresses being white is really a genuinely late design decision. Color, style, the ceremonial importance of the gowns can depend on the culture of the wedding participants. via-https://flipbrew.com The pattern can be followed back to Queen…

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  • FactsChromology_The_pshychology_colors

    Are You Aware Of Chromology? The Psychology Of Colours

    Psychology has always left us transfixed with its revelations. Until introduced to this science, who’d have ever thought that the color of your favorite packet of chips or that of your office walls are as they are due to a more significant purpose behind them? Chromology Chromology i.e. the psychology of colors a less explored yet well-known branch of study…

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  • Facts

    These Colourful Beaches Promise The Most Vibrant Beach Vacation

    TIP TAP TOE. Which color do you want?Red, Orange or Pink! Today where the world demands you to be different from the rest. Why compromise your life with those clichéd white sand beaches and palm trees; when beaches come in a rainbow of colors with sands ranging from midnight black to pastel pink. Yes, not all sandy beaches are white.…

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