• Health and Wellnesstips on how to avoid burnout

    60 Tips On How To Avoid Burnout

    Burnout is a feeling of physical and emotional exhaustion, often accompanied by a loss of interest and motivation. It can happen to anyone, regardless of the profession, and it can be a challenging condition to overcome. It’s important to prioritize self-care and take steps to avoid burnout. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing 60 tips on how to avoid…

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  • Educationresisting human trafficking

    Resisting Human Trafficking

    Human trafficking is among the worst of all crimes held in the world. It is diversifying at a rapid pace. Indian Constitution does provide for equal rights for both men and women but still, it is not implemented properly. Proper awareness needs to be spread in the areas where there is a lack of education and poverty. Constitutional provisions in…

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  • Facts

    10 Life Changing Habits That Can Enlighten Your Worth

    To bring change in your life you need to add good habits and eliminate the bad ones. In this article, we will let you know about 10 life-changing habits that can enlighten your worth. 10 Life Changing Habits That Can Enlighten Your Worth 1. Plan Your Day source: cdn2 Simply planning your day can make your life much easier and…

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