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    Let’s Talk Protein: How Much do You Truly Need

    Protein intake is essential for good health. You need it to grow and develop, to gain muscles, to make enzymes, blood, antibodies, etc. Many athletes are aware of the importance of protein intake and sometimes intentionally overdose with intake (extra protein can help some bodybuilders to bulk up) but when it comes to the rest of us – we have…

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  • Health and Wellnessovo-vegetarian

    Ever Heard of the Term Ovo-Vegetarian?

    You might have heard of vegetarian people, non-vegetarian people, even Tuesday-Thursday vegetarian people! But have you ever heard of Ovo-vegetarian people? This article will make you familiar with the term ‘ovo-vegetarian’. So basically, an Ovo-vegetarian person is a person who does not eat meat or any other dairy product but does eat eggs. To keep it simple, an Ovo-vegetarian is…

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  • Factsvarq on sweets

    The Varq Over Sweets is a Non-Vegetarian

    Picture this: You walk into a mithai (sweet) shop. The glass cabinets are full of mithai trays. Your favorite diamond shaped Kaju katli (Indian sweet) is lying there- pale, off-white, without its trademark silver bling on top. Appealing much? No, right? You would probably ask the Halwai (sweet shop owner), ” what’s wrong with it!?!” You would rather go for…

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