unusual psychological disorders

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    Are You Guys Obsessed With Sleeping: Wake Up Clinomaniacs

    A strong urge of not getting off your bed, such people are clinomaniacs. Okay, so anything which sounds so full of letters and which has an advent of wrong pronunciation then welcome my dear friends you are discovering a new disorder. Now you must have witnessed a coffee addict? Yes, it’s so obvious but what about a bed addict. Yeah!…

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  • Facts

    The Most Unusual Mental And Psychological Conditions

    The human brain is an amazing organ. It is primarily responsible for who we are and what we do. But a combination of personal, situational and biological factors sometimes cause malfunctioning of this organ, giving rise to a specific psychological phenomenon. Most of the conditions listed below are mental disorders, that is, they negatively impact the person’s life and healthy functioning.…

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