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  • EntertainmentDo You Know There Are Museums Dedicated To Weird Things?

    10 Weirdest Museums Around the World

    Ancient ruins and remains throw light on the history of medieval times. And if it wasn’t for museums, who would have offered us a glimpse of the vital knowledge about our forefathers? We know what museums are and the best way to describe them is as buildings that store artefacts, pottery, statues, and artwork, which are either mundane or extraordinary…

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  • EntertainmentUnique museums

    34 Unique Museums Around the World

    Museums have always been boring places. Exploring museums offers a glimpse into the diverse cultures, histories, and artistic expressions from around the world. As children, we have all been in Ben Stiller starer ‘Night at the Museum’. Between Robbie Williams’ hilarious humor, Ben Stiller’s charisma, and the astonishing VFX, we all fell in love with museums in just a couple…

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