• FactsWhy Should You Develop Your Immunity?

    Why Should You Develop Your Immunity?

    Protectors have to be ready always to prevent any sudden outside attack. This rule applies to human bodies too. Nowadays, several bacteria-viruses are present in the air. These bacterias enter our body through respiration. This is when the active circulation of cells resisting bacteria take place in our body. They emerge from their dormant state and participate in the act…

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  • Health and Wellness

    What Is Public Health? Why Is It A Compulsion, Rather Than A Choice?

    What Is Public Health? Being healthy is a state of physical as well as mental well-being. It is a state wherein one feels at “Ease”. Hygiene & proper sanitation are one of the most major adjuncts in maintaining health. However, public health revolves around a different axis. What is public health? Public health defines the condition of the population residing…

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