• LifestyleQualities of a great leader

    Top 15 Qualities of a great leader

    It has been rightly said that “Great leaders aren’t born overnight.” They are a combination of sheer dedication and years of hard work. Not all can be able leaders because not all possess the right set of qualities. For a great leader, one must have the essential skills required. A good leader helps in making the country great. “Remarkable changes…

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  • FactsSibling Rivalry: DOs And DON'Ts To Avoid One

    Sibling Rivalry: DOs And DON’Ts To Avoid One

    Cain and Abel – these are well-known names in the biblical book of Genesis. Since childhood itself, there was a sense of resentment and jealousy between these two sons of Eve. Cain was so full of envy for Abel that he killed Abel and thus gave rise to the first murderer on earth. This incident from the Bible clearly illustrates the…

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