• LifestyleQualities Of A Good Student 

    28 Qualities Of A Good Student 

    The true drive to master a student a skill is the foundation of effective self-learning. It could include singing and dancing as in talent shows. Or abilities you’d like to develop that call for further education as opposed to natural talents, such as learning how to create your own website or app, creating your own brand, or taking beautiful images.…

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  • EducationAdditional Skills To Learn Along With Studies

    10 Additional Skills To Learn Along With Studies

    As a student, we are expected to study our hearts out to get good grades. But is that all that is required to prepare us for the future? The answer is NO. Studies are essential, but a student should also know some additional skills to survive in day-to-day life. So, what are those skills? Read on to know. 10 Additional…

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  • Educationreasons why students fail exams

    20 Reasons Why Students Fail Exams

    Every student’s aim is to pass their exams with the highest marks possible. And to attain this aim, everyone tries their best by putting in all the effort. But still, sometimes, students end up getting less marks or failing exams. One thing we need to always remember is that ups and downs are a part of life. It means that…

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  • Facts

    Jump From the Mexican Tacos to Desi Taco

    We all know a few things about taco like it’s a Mexican traditional dish, made of corn flour and consists of different fillings. You guys might not know that there is an Indian version of Taco, desi tacos. All the foody people this is the post for you. (Image credit: Taste) Being a foody myself, I believe in eating new…

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