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    Have Back Pain? You May Have Osteoporosis

    When Osteoporosis occurs, it is not outwardly visible. Diagnosis of fragile and brittle bones happens after a fracture has happened. This disease occurs slowly and silently and is, therefore, called a “silent disease”.  However, a couple of Osteoporosis symptoms can help you predict if you may be having the disease. If you are in a moment of doubt, you can watch out for the…

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    Weight Lifting For Women: Here Is All You Need To Know About It

    Do you picture a hefty, macho looking hunk holding a barbell and sweating profusely in a gym when you read the phrase ‘lifting weights’? When it comes to lifting heavy, women have this preconceived notion that it’s a guy thing. For a woman to get fit, there are other ways like yoga or simple cardio based exercises like jogging or…

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