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  • FoodLocal Street Foods To Try In Kolkata

    27 Local Street Foods To Try In Kolkata

    The incredible street food in Kolkata is a must-try during your trip there. For all food lovers, Kolkata, which is referred to as India’s cultural capital, is a paradise. There are numerous options available in this location for everyone. The location is the ideal vacation spot for foodies, whether they enjoy the well-known Bengali sweets or the spicy, mouth-wateringly delicious…

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  • Travel

    15 Reasons Why Everyone Must Visit Japan 

    Ever thought about traveling the world?  Who doesn’t?  Every once in a while, we develop a desire to leave the busy life behind and find inner peace in the endless hustle of life. Of course, everyone has a different way of approaching it. Some prefer shopping, gatherings, or meeting new people, and some want to get lost in this amazing…

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  • HistoryPani Puri

    The Invention of Your Favourite Snack Pani Puri

    Paani puri, Puchka, Gol-Gappa, Paani batasha, Gupchup, Phuki, many even call it the soul food. . . .did you drool though? A good dose of Pani Puri, for every Indian, is pure joy personified. Isn’t it? From streets to fine dining, this delicious dish has served many bellies with utmost pleasure and satisfaction. Whenever one feels like eating street food,…

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