• Self Care

    6 Easy Staircase Exercises to Lose Weight

    Want to lose weight but don’t wish to spend on gym memberships? Yes, it’s possible. In fact, you can do this from the comfort of your home. No equipment, nothing. All you need is a staircase. Something easily found, everywhere. Stair climbing is an effective method to burn out calories, but we often end up ignoring this fact. When used…

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  • Facts

    Wit: It’s Not Funny

    Winston Churchill was once confronted by Nancy Astor, a British politician, at the breakfast table. When Nancy remarked, “If I were your wife, I’d poison your coffee.”, it made Churchill come up with one of the world’s most famous retorts- “If I were your husband, I’d gladly drink it.” This is wit. Over the years, we have grown to associate…

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