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    10 Latin American Desserts To Try Out Right Away

    France and Italy have always been on the top when it comes to desserts. I mean one couldn’t resist the smooth and burnt flavour of creme brulee or the soft choux pastry filled with decadent vanilla custard or the bittersweet flavour of tiramisu or the tiny cream-filled zeppole, right? 10 Latin American Desserts To Try Out Right Away 1. Majarete,…

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    Every Family In This Indian Village Of Kalayur Has a Male Cook

    Unique Village of Kalayur: Where Cooking Takes a Twist Food has been an integral part of a human’s life since times immemorial. Every place on this planet has its own special palette. And every corner is filled with a unique fragrance. A foodie can hardly miss out on the smells and sights of a delicious meal. While every country can boast…

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