• Health and Wellnessthings to keep in mind before getting a tattoo

    23 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Tattoo

    There’s always a thing about your firsts – your first job, first kiss, first love, and your first tattoo. Isn’t there always an exhilarating feeling and an adrenaline rush in your body when you experience such beautiful first experiences? Well, this feeling of exhilaration can quickly turn into dejection if things go south or the way you hadn’t planned them…

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  • Health and Wellnesschorophobia

    Chorophobia: The Unusual Fear Of Dancing

    Dancing is a stress buster and a way to let emotions flow for many. Some of you might even be professional dancers or at least love dancing, be it dancing for a competition or dancing in a baraat at a friend’s wedding. But have you ever thought that dancing could also cause fear and anxiety in someone? Yes, you heard right, there’s…

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  • FactsAge Is Not A Factor For Staying Fit And Fine

    Age Is Not A Factor For Staying Fit And Fine

    There is no connection between your well-being and your age. Our society has some predefined standards set for every period, such as women must get married before the age of 40 or retirement at the age of 60 is an indication of the end of one’s working capacity, etc. Here are some post retirement options as well. The social precept…

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  • Facts

    Denmark Is The Happiest Country In The World, And Rightly So!

    Happiest Country In The World In violent and unstable times, with corruption and power games are the trend, some countries in the world have managed to retain their peace. In March 2016, the United Nations published the World Happiness Report, and Scandinavian countries topped their list. U.N.crowned Denmark as the happiest country in the world. The World Happiness Report used indicators…

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