• FactsSurvive Deadly Wild Animal Attacks

    Tips to Survive Deadly Wild Animal Attacks

    For most of us, the chance of encountering a wild animal attack is pretty slim but terrifying. While humans are undoubtedly the most dangerous species on earth, facing a 20 feet long shark or a roaring lion would leave most of us fearing for our life and at a good chance of losing it too. As life can be quite…

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  • Factsdangerous islands

    5 Most Dangerous Islands Of The World

    Islands certainly make for an exotic holiday destination. From sitting under the rustling palms, sunbathing and gazing at the clear blue sea to engaging in activities like snorkeling, surfing, and scuba diving, islands provide a perfect escape from the busy world into the serene, peaceful beauty of nature. But, not all islands are suitable for exploration; there are some which…

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