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    The Bone Chilling Mystery of Mary Celeste

    Mystery voyages on the sea usually bring a sense of romance and wonder in mind. Glittering seas, brave crewmen, evil pirates, and families awaiting the return of heroes. But sometimes, things go incredibly wrong. Ships get looted, caught in storms, or may suffer death and damage. Via – Sometimes, it might even sink, taking along with it all the…

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  • Did You Know About The 11 Missing Days Of Agatha Christie’s Life?

    If you’re an avid reader of crime novels, Agatha Christie will be a name you must have heard. She’s one of those amazing writers who could keep you glued to her book until you’ve reached the last page. But even if you’ve managed to read all of her mysteries, there’s a certain story we bet you may have not even…

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    The Man Who Inspired Arthur Conan Doyle To Create Sherlock Holmes!

    Sherlock Holmes is a fictitious character that Sir Conan Doyle created but it seems like we have met him or known him forever. Yes, It is because the novel and its stories are so common that Sherlock Holmes no more seems to be unreal. It might not be incorrect to say that we all have titled someone or the other…

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