• Factsfacts about the number 23!

    23 Enthralling Facts About The Number 23

    If you ask people what is so special about the number 23, most of them would answer that it comes between the numbers 22 and 24. They will get surprised by your question. Indeed, the number comes between 22 and 24, but still, it has a lot of facts that are unknown to the common man. Let’s look at the…

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  • 8 Literary Characters Every Millennial Can Relate To.

    Do you love classical literature, the real literary gold? Then you must have found many characters that truly resemble you or the people around you. Most of the things that they do in their phantasmagoric world of literature connect to us in some way or the other. Truly quoted by Stephen King, “The primary duty of literature is to tell us the truth…

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  • Facts

    Is There A Link Between Creativity And Mental Illness?

    “Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart and his friends can only read the title.” – Virginia Woolf. via –   It is a well-worn perception that creativity and madness are on the same spectrum.   People like Kurt Vonnegut and others were successful not because of their mental…

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