• FactsLHC - Large Hadron Collider for discovering God Particle

    What Is So ‘Godly’ About God Particle?

    The universe beholds the ultimate truth about the whole existence of all the celestial activities starting from the tiniest particle, electron, to the millions of galaxies present in it. Therefore, there isn’t a doubt that for an insignificant race such as “Humans living on the planet Earth in the Milky Way galaxy” to know every mystery and activities going around…

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  • HistoryJames Clerk Maxwell

    James Clerk Maxwell: Thank Him If You Use Radio, TV, And Oven

    James Clerk Maxwell Was a? Scientist Physicist Mathematician Major Inventions and Discoveries? James Clerk Maxwell formulated James Clerk Maxwell’s classical theory of electromagnetic radiation, bringing together for the first time electricity, magnetism, and light. His equations for electromagnetism are considered the “second great unification in physics” after the first one realized by Isaac Newton. He created the first colored photograph in…

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