• FactsBanaras: An Intriguing Cycle Of Life And Death

    An Intriguing Cycle Of Life And Death in Banaras

    In Banaras, life starts from praying to the Sun God and taking dips in the water to immersing the ashes of the lost one into the river. It is often said that the essence of a city lies in its rustic buildings and the old narrow lanes. Even though the lanes are crowded and busy, maneuvering your way to the…

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  • FactsSome Water Adventure Sports For The Adventurers

    Some Water Adventure Sports For The Adventurers

    Nowadays traveling is not limited to sight-seeing only. What can be a better option to go close to nature other than adventure sports? Whether it is sailing along with the flow of the river or venturing into the deep sea, your dreams are going to get fulfilled if you visit these renowned tourist spots in India for water adventure sports.…

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  • Factsstrange yet beautiful places to travel

    9 Strange Yet Beautiful Places Which Must Be On Your Bucket List

    If you have the urge for a little out of the blue adventure and have planned a bucket list centered on travel, then I hope you get on that plane as soon as possible and satisfy your travel desire by visiting these strange and beautiful places from around the world. 1. Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand Image credit: Glowing adventures…

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