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    Aghori The Unsung believers of Lord Shiva

    What strikes you when you hear the word ‘aghori’ ? Few might think, ‘ huh what’s that’? And few who actually have a clue, might think why aghori now? First let me just brief you a bit little about them, so that you can get a clear image. via: Bing.com Aghori – They are ascetic Shiva sadhus. The Aghori engage…

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  • FactsThe Aghoris: The Darker Shade Of Indian Society

    The Aghoris: The Darker Shade Of Indian Society

    They live on Hindu cremation grounds, eat the left-out flesh of the human dead body, wear ash, and drink in a bowl made up of human skull. Yes, we are talking about the most revered and dreadful cult of Indian society; the followers of Lord Shiva – The Aghoris. The Aghoris And Their Origin Source: Daily Mail Once you go…

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  • Historyinvent dance

    Do You Know Why Ancient People Invented Dance?

    Dance! Any party or celebration is just incomplete without it! ‘Cause we love to move our bodies to the beat. It fills us with joy and happiness of course ‘cause we generally sit and play dead when we are upset. But do you ever wonder when and why this wonderful thing called dance originate? I’m here to set it clear…

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