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  • Beauty

    Kalika Hair Oil: A Miracle For Grey Hair

    Hair damage is widespread amongst both men and women. Ever wondered why strands start greying at an early age? When the cells at the follicle origins stop eliciting the pigment that is credible to give the hair its color, the hair begins greying prematurely. Ayurveda remedies involving external application, internal medications, lifestyle and diet supervision boost the Pitta dosh levels…

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  • Health and Wellness

    Do You Know How Beneficial Eating Good Gourds Can Be?

    Gourds used to be a common sight in traditional kitchens but these days they seem to have lost out to the more popular zucchini and other imported vegetables. Their fleshy texture and seemingly bland taste don’t win them friends. But they are great for summer. Gourds have high water and fibre content that helps hydrate the body. And they are…

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