• Health and Wellness

    Lucid Dreams- an Incredible Fantasy Inside your Head

    What if you could live in a world where everything was possible? Not only that, suppose you could control your surroundings and make whatever you want to happen? Maybe you want to fly, or find yourself at a buffet with all your favourite foods, or even spend a day with your favourite celebrity. All of this and more is possible-…

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  • Factsillusion

    Illusions: Misinterpretation Of Reality!

    We often hear people say that life is an illusion. Well, some illusions do baffle you and make you doubt reality. The distortion of reality during perception is called illusion. The most common illusions are visual in nature. Some common Illusions: 1. BLUE vs GREEN ILLUSION via – The blue and green color rectangles are of the same color…

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  • Facts

    Telekinesis – Moving Things With Your Mind. How Viable Is This?

    What strikes your mind when you hear the word Magic? Something is done with unnatural acts behind it, something for which the reasons can only be found with a magician and the things which often fascinate people of all ages alike. Telekinesis or Psychokinesis comes sort of within the category of Magic. Although the word ‘Psychokinesis’ is self-evident in conveying…

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