• Health and WellnessEffective Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds

    15 Effective Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds

    Cumin is one of the essential ingredients in every Indian kitchen. It is used in a majority of curries and stews for flavours and other properties. Cumin seeds are rich in many anti-inflammatory antioxidants, because of which it is known as antibacterial and antiseptic. It helps in good digestion and solves bloating problems, constipation, and many other ailments. Apart from…

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  • Facts

    Surprising Effects Of Coffee On Womens Health

    Many women’s mornings start with a cup of coffee. Many of them prefer Espresso coffee, as it is quick and easy. Espresso coffee has lower calories than coffee prepared by other brewing methods. There are only three calories in 30 grams of coffee provided that there is no sugar or cream in it. Espresso coffee can be helpful lose weight…

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  • Health and WellnessFacts You Didn't Know About Home Pregnancy Tests

    12 Facts You Didn’t Know About Home Pregnancy Tests

    The pregnancy tests you see in rows at your chemist, go way back. The tests have a lot of history behind them. An article in the New York Times tells us all about the history of the Home Pregnancy Tests. The article tells us so much we didn’t know. Here are 12 Facts You didn’t know about Home Pregnancy Tests.…

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  • Health and Wellnesseating disorder

    Did You Know How Disturbed Eating Behaviors Affect You?

    An eating disorder is an illness caused by troubled eating habits. It is ordinarily accompanied by severe distress about body weight, anxiety disorders, substance use, or depression. Eating disorders are serious physical as well as emotional problems and can have life-threatening consequences. Disturbances may comprise of inadequate or excessive food intake, which ultimately promotes damaged well-being. They can evolve at…

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  • Health and WellnessPCOS

    5 Myths about PCOS That Need To Debunked Right Now!

    It is only of late that the women community has started paying attention to the health hazards of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Signs and symptoms include irregular or excess menstrual flow, excessive body and facial hair, pelvic pain, difficulty in getting pregnant, thick velvety skin, etc. The awareness for PCOS has increased and women have started understanding the importance of…

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