• Facts

    5 Weird Guinness World Records

    A world record is usually the best global performance with record-breaking facts and achievements. So here are a few records which will leave some of you amazed. 5 Weird Guinness World Records 1. Most people at a virtual funeral Via: countryliving.com An avid computer gamer known as snowly, in October 2005, played a 3-day nonstop marathon of MMORPG World of Warcraft and died of fatigue.…

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  • HistoryHistory of Pillow

    The History of Pillow: Your Sleeping Friend

    Pillows are considered to be one of the most comfortable products ever created by mankind. But, none of us know the story behind the origin and creation of pillows. So, let’s immerse ourselves in the evolution of Pillows. Source: Comfylux.com According to several sources, the first documented pillow was created during 7000 B.C. Back in the day, pillows were made…

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