• Health and WellnessHealth Benefits Of Consuming Jaggery In Winter

    26 Health Benefits Of Consuming Jaggery In Winter

    Elders often end their meals with jaggery. Some might think the sweet, heavenly flavor is the reason for its popularity. However, this naturally sweetened food has tremendous health benefits. Mainly raw concentrated sugarcane juice is boiled down and solidified and is essentially a form of unrefined sugar. Also known as gur, it is also made from the sap of date…

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  • LifestyleCommon Period Superstitions Around The World

    17 Common Period Superstitions Around The World

    Periods and superstitions go hand in hand. There are a lot of myths revolving around women and their menstrual cycles. Since ancient times these superstitions have existed. Different countries have different superstitions and shocking sets of taboos that might give you goosebumps. This article will provide you with some insightful knowledge about the various existing superstitions around the globe. 17…

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  • Health and WellnessEffective Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds

    15 Effective Home Remedies Using Cumin Seeds

    Cumin is one of the essential ingredients in every Indian kitchen. It is used in a majority of curries and stews for flavors and other properties. Cumin seeds are rich in many anti-inflammatory antioxidants, because of which it is known as antibacterial and antiseptic. It helps in good digestion and solves bloating problems, constipation, and many other ailments. Apart from…

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  • Health and WellnessTips To Make PMS Easy For You

    6 Tips To Make PMS Easy For You

    PMS is a real thing. Yes, you’ve heard this term probably a thousand times, but just believed that it’s just a layman’s term for being extraordinarily emotional or sensitive. PMS is elaborated as Premenstrual Syndrome. It is a condition, which affects a high percentage of women during certain days of their menstrual cycle, or some days before it. The syndrome…

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  • Facts

    Weird and Wacky Period Customs From Around The Globe

    Can’t touch plants on your period? Shouldn’t wash or cut your hair? Shouldn’t indulge in coitus because it can kill your partner? Or baking bread during your cycle is a good idea? Menstruating women have been told these things time and again. In many historic cultures around the globe, periods have been considered sacred and powerful whereas, in some other…

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