• HistoryIron Lady Of Pakistan Muniba Mazari

    The Iron Lady Of Pakistan Muniba Mazari

    So here is a tribute to the iron lady of Pakistan Muniba Mazari. A story of a woman whose perfectly imperfect life made her into what is she today. She is the one who is a true motivation for all the people out there. So let’s see the journey of Muniba which proved to be the turning point in her…

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  • The Story Of India’s Most Famous Spy In Pakistan: Ravinder Kaushik

    This is the story of a patriotic Indian youngster. A story about love and sacrifice for one’s country. A story about selflessness and courage. This is a story that not only brought tears to my eyes but also inspired me to write this piece. The story of the most famous spy Kaushik. The Birth Of A Spy Born and brought…

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