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    Have Back Pain? You May Have Osteoporosis

    When Osteoporosis occurs, it is not outwardly visible. Diagnosis of fragile and brittle bones happens after a fracture has happened. This disease occurs slowly and silently and is, therefore, called a “silent disease”.  However, a couple of Osteoporosis symptoms can help you predict if you may be having the disease. If you are in a moment of doubt, you can watch out for the…

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  • Health and Wellness

    The Structural Framework Of The Human Body

    Bones are such structures, which serve in maintaining the structural framework of a human body. Additionally, they provide protection to internal organs from any injury, assist in movement of muscles, store and release several minerals, and produce blood cells. COMPOSITION The matrix of bones comprises of 25% water, 25% fibres, and 50% crystallised mineral salts. Calcium phosphate is the most…

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