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    11:11 : A Divine Call From Angels?

    Did you just see your clock strike at 11:11 again? Do you feel it too? Do you also start feeling a magical spark within your soul and surroundings the very moment you take a glance at this number? Instinctively, you start thinking that this number is of great importance and that you see it too often.You see it everywhere be…

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  • Factscalculator tricks

    Here Is A List Of 4 Of The Coolest Calculator Tricks Ever!

    The calculator is actually a pretty interesting object. Here are a few cool calculator tricks that you should have up your sleeves to impress practically anyone! Guessing any unknown number Via Source: eBay Advise your companion to pick their most loved number somewhere in the range of 1 and 9, however, don’t disclose the number to you. (Most loved number =…

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