• FactsNuclear War

    Causes And Effects of Nuclear War

    A nuclear war, atomic end of the world, or nuclear holocaust is a hypothetical situation, including far-reaching decimation and radioactive aftermath, causing the breakdown of human progress using nuclear weapons. Under such a situation, a few or the entirety of the Earth is made dreadful by nuclear fighting in future universal wars. Likelihood Of A Nuclear War Source: Standford As…

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  • What Is A Black Hole? Explore More About It

    We all are aware of this new sensational news of black holes. Everyone is talking about the picture of the black hole and asking about others’ opinions on it, but do you know what a black hole is? or what made it occur? What is a Black Hole? (Image credit: BBC) Stars are an incredibly massive collection of hundreds of…

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  • HistoryTsutomu Yamaguchi, Survivor Hiroshima Nagasaki Bombings

    Know About The Man Who Survived Two Nuclear Bomb Attacks

    We have heard about the power of fate and circle of Karma. But this guy named Tsutomu Yamaguchi turned out to be amazingly lucky. He survived two major nuclear bomb attacks! God has been generous enough on this man. He managed to defeat both the catastrophe happened at Hiroshima as well as at Nagasaki. When Yamaguchi was 29, he was…

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