• Educationways to retain more of every book you read:

    8 Ways To Retain More Of Every Book You Read

    Reading is a splendid way to expand your knowledge, improve your language skills, and engage your mind. It’s a hobby for some and a task for some. However, many people struggle to retain the information they read. If you’re one of them, these are some ways to retain more of every book you read: 1. Set a purpose for your…

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  • Facts

    Tricks To Score Good Marks In Exams!

    In this competitive world, parents have an urge that their kids should excel in exams better than others’. Although all students do not have the capacity to top in class as it is said that all our fingers aren’t of the same size, students can always try to improve in their academics by following some tips and tricks. The following…

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  • Historyhistory of indian currency

    It Is Not The First Time That Rs 1000 Got Banned In India.

    History of Indian Currency With some old currency notes being banned by the Indian government, and new currency being introduced, let us go back into History of Indian Currency to know some facts: The very first Indian currency was in the form of coinage. This was being used since 6th century BC.The coins were made from silver metal. The word…

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