• Factsselfies help in determining your personality

    How Selfies Help In Determining Your Personality

    Selfies refer to self-portraits taken by oneself using a digital camera or a smartphone.  When taking a selfie, individuals can view how they look like in the picture and decide what they want to show in the picture.  People become increasingly popular in social media because of their selfies. However, little is known about how selfies reflect their owner’s personality…

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    Greek Mythology – Off Stories, Legends, and Tragedies

    Greek Mythology – the vast collection of the most scandalously delightful and tragic legends and stories that humankind ever imagined. Over thousands of years, Greek mythology has collected everything, from the sweeping tales of adventures, wars, and the Olympians, to everyday stories about ordinary people. While many of these stories, like most myths, were aimed at explaining natural phenomena, some…

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