• FactsVeerappan

    Veerappan- The Notorious King Of The Jungle

    Relationship goals, squad goals, these goals, those goals, are quite common these days. One among these is mustache goals. Once puberty hit, all you do is wait for that facial hair to grow and watch your face become even manlier. Though we may have come across serious mustache goals, this man could beat all of the other goals combined. His…

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  • Factsking of hearts

    Wish To Be The King Of Hearts? Shave!

    via – If you ask the women population whether they would prefer men sporting beards or men without a hint of facial hair, you’d never really be able to settle on an answer. From men with Jack Sparrow like beards to men with just a simple mustache, we have seen them all! Facial hair says a lot about men.…

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