• Pink Tax: The Cost Of Being A Woman

    What Is The Pink Tax? The pink tax can be seen as an “invisible tax” or gender-based pricing on products. The products meant for females are usually more expensive than products intended for the male counterpart, even if there is no actual difference in the contents of the products. It’s usually the pretty pink packaging that makes females believe there…

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  • Facts

    Weird and Wacky Period Customs From Around The Globe

    Can’t touch plants on your period? Shouldn’t wash or cut your hair? Shouldn’t indulge in coitus because it can kill your partner? Or baking bread during your cycle is a good idea? Menstruating women have been told these things time and again. In many historic cultures around the globe, periods have been considered sacred and powerful whereas, in some other…

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  • Health and WellnessTraditions Around The World Related To Menstruation

    5 Traditions Around The World Related To Menstruation

    Menstruation in our society is taboo. Why? Even though each one of us knows about it, we choose to keep mum when talking about it. This is because periods have different meanings and traditions associated with them. In some places, it is considered impure as a result of which girls are isolated or beaten continuously, while other parts tend to celebrate…

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  • Health and WellnessPremenstrual syndrome

    Everything You Need To Know About Premenstrual Syndrome

    Premenstrual syndrome (PMS) is a commonly occurring condition which comprises a set of specific physical and psychological features. The condition affects woman’s emotions, physical health, and behavior during few specific days of the menstrual cycle. Usually, this occurs just prior to, that is 5 to 11 days before menstruation. Additionally, the term ‘premenstrual syndrome’ was coined in 1953. CAUSES Premenstrual…

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